Best Luggage Brands – 2018 Reviews

Finding the best luggage nowadays is certainly not an easy task. There are hundreds of brands available on the market which produce thousands of different luggage. You can easily get confused because there are just too many offers.

There are a few things that you look for when you choose a suitcase such as its size, material, color, and durability. It is easy to find a product that claims to be of the finest quality in all these categories, but when the brand is unknown, you have doubts whether the claim is accurate or not. Even if it is a well-known brand, that doesn’t mean the luggage is of good quality. Some brands sell so many products in different departments that sometimes their luggage isn’t actually worth it at all. 

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The 8 Best Luggage Brands in 2018

Are you wondering which are the best luggage brands with the best reviews and offers? If you are, no worries, we are here to help. We have listed down 8 of the best luggage brands and their finest products. If you are planning a trip and need to buy luggage, make sure you look into the best offers listed by these brands and read their full reviews.

1. Nicole Miller Luggage Review

Who would know better about your traveling needs than a businesswoman whose life involves a lot of traveling? Understanding the needs of her audience and their love for her designs, Nicole Miller has come up with a range of suitcases that are incredibly stylish and stand out from the crowd.

The brand is dedicated to providing its customers the best of everything, which is why it has ensured that each product is made with care and is high quality. The brand has also made sure that it serves its customers brilliantly by training its customer service representatives with the ability to handle almost any problem.

Our Favorite Nicole Miller Luggage

nicoller miller rainbow luggage

Rainbow – There are various reasons why we feel that this product is the top luggage offered by Nicole Miller, one of which is the price. You would expect that a branded luggage which is brightly colored and uniquely designed would cost an arm and a leg, but that is not the case. The suitcase is actually quite affordable and is true to the term “value for money.”

It has a lightweight construction which ensures that you add as much stuff as you want inside without the weight of the bag itself causing any hindrance to the weight limit. The product is also very spacious, and you will be able to fit almost anything inside; remember that its measurement is about 24 inches. However, it is not small enough to fit in an overhead compartment, so it would be best that you don’t board the plane with it.

The suitcase itself has a shell finish and is shiny with rainbow colors in each design, which means that you will easily be able to spot it from afar. It also comes with a telescopic push down handle built for customer convenience. The interior of the suitcase is lined, so there will be no harm to the shell. Also, the exterior shell is scratchproof. To ensure mobility, the designer of the product added 360-degree spinner wheels as well. If you want to learn more about this brand read our full Nicole Miller Luggage Review.

2. Tommy Bahama Luggage Review

The brand is known to have licenses all over the world to manufacture its products. It also has a wide range of products, ranging from sportswear to luggage. The brand has stores available worldwide and offers products that are known to fit every need of the customers.

The luggage that it offers is well made durable and high quality. The emphasis is not on the colors or outlook of the product but on the overall design and the features offered. The brand is also known for its impeccable customer service and the fact that its products are built to last for a long time.

Our Favorite Tommy Bahama Luggage

tommy bahama retreat

Retreat – The fact that the product is built to be lightweight and with high-quality material makes it one of the best offers by Tommy Bahama. Though you may feel that the product is a bit pricey, it is worth the price. Yes, it does not stand out from the crowd, has simple looks and is available in only two basic colors, but there is a lot more to it than looks.

The Retreat is about 25 inches high and 18 inches wide, so you can imagine how much luggage can fit into it. Furthermore, the material used to make it is 100% polyester which is also expandable, so you can fill in more stuff and the top of the bag will take shape accordingly. The textile lining inside ensures your luggage is protected, and the zipper closer makes sure that it is tightly shut.

One thing that is worth mentioning is the Tommy Bahama signature hardware used to create the bag, which gives it its durability and robustness. It has both top and side handles and includes two pockets on the outside for easy access and better organization. If you want to learn more about Tommy Bahama luggage, check the complete Tommy Bahama luggage review

3. Nautica Luggage Review

Nautica is known for the quality of products that it offers. Even though its designs, in terms of luggage and other such products, are not out of the world, they are still modern and tastefully done. The best part about this brand is that it is available all over the world and its products are available at good rates.

As the main gist of the company is sportswear, all its products are built keeping that in mind. This is why they are so durable and look sporty. No matter what you choose, Nautical will ensure that you stand out from the crowd in a classy way. 

Our Favorite Nautica Luggage

nautica luggage 26

Nautica 28 – It is available in a variety of colors and is known to be one of the best luggage brands that you can buy. Though it is priced a bit on the higher end, it provides excellent value for money and will ensure that you get the best use out of it. The suitcase is imported and is built to last you for a lifetime.

The brand name has been embedded in the front of the suitcase. The exterior is a hard shell, so it will expand to make more room inside. It is spacious enough inside to let you fit as much stuff as you want. To give you a fair idea of the luggage, the measurements include 28 inches height and 11.25 inches width.

The best part of the product is that it is easy to clean! All you need is a cloth and you will be able to erase any dirt off it. It is also scratchproof. There are four wheels on the bottom of the bag which has the ability to spin 360 degrees, making it easier for you to maneuver it around. The interior is fully lined with two pockets and straps to keep your luggage from moving around. The handle on the suitcase has a push lock button which allows you to easily lock it in position. Read the full Nautica luggage review

4. Timberland Luggage Review

The brand is known to make rugged goods for its consumers, and many people look forward to its products as they are high quality and perfect for an outdoor trip. The brand takes special care to make products which can appeal to the outdoor market.

It also makes luggage which does not look like your normal suitcase. Its products reflect your love for the great outdoors. The brand takes exceptional care in the manufacturing of the products as they need to be best suited for outdoor trips.

The main area of focus for the company is footwear. You will find almost any type of heavy/work boots with it. It also has various other styles. The pricing of the company is somewhat on the higher side, though you may find some reasonable stuff as well especially during sales.

Our Favorite Timberland Luggage

timberland twin luggage

Twin Mountain – One look at this suitcase, and you will easily mistake it for an outdoor backpack as the design is such. Even then, the product looks very different from the usual square suitcases that you see. It is perfectly suited for someone who loves being on the road or outdoors.

It has a limited color range, but it does not need to depend on the coloring to stand out. The best part of the bag is the material as it is made from 100% polyester which allows the bag to expand according to the amount of luggage you put in. It is also easy to clean and is scratchproof.

The commendable feature of this bag is that it is made up of recycled material which is completely PVC free. It has compartments on the inside and the outside, which allow you to organize your stuff better. You can even store wet items in the bag as it has a special boot bag inside. Plus, to make sure that your entire luggage is safe, the designers added compression straps on the exterior. If you are interested in Timberland read our full Timberland luggage review.

5. London Fog Luggage Review

Long Fog is internationally known for its unique taste. It excels in products used for outdoor purposes, such as coats and other apparel. Its coats have been patented for the removable liner which makes the brand different from the rest in terms of experience in outdoor products.

The brand is branching out its product line and is also passionate about serving the country, which is why it contributes a huge amount of money to charity. It is also known for incredible customer service and the guarantee provided with some of its high-end products.

Our Favorite London Fog Luggage

london fog best luggage

Chelsea – The design is the first thing you notice about this product as it is pleasantly different from the other products you see in the market. It has an olive plaid color and design which makes it look a little sophisticated, thus making it perfect for people who like to be chic. The material used to make the product is polyester jacquard, which makes it an expandable product, so you can easily fit more than you need.

There are pockets on the outside as well, which are easily accessible and are made so that you can keep stuff that you can use at the last moment. To add to the protection, it comes with PVC bumper guards and a kick plate. It also has 4 wheels that can spin 360 degrees to provide easy mobility.

There are two handles on the top of the product and even one on the side, so you can carry it whichever way is most comfortable. The handle on top has a push lock button and the entire construction is lightweight. As it offers so many things in one product, it is priced a little on the higher side, but don’t worry as it will last you long enough for you to use it to its full extent. Read the full London Fog Luggage Review.

6. Kenneth Cole Luggage Review

One of the leading brands in terms of accessories, it is true that the brand does safe staffing issues on the front end, but its backend customer service is quite good. The brand offers a wide range of products, with its watches being one of the highest selling items.

Financially, the brand has been able to sustain itself and manages to keep up with its CSR. The advertisements put forward by the company are some of the most talked about and are its main selling points.

Our Favorite Kenneth Cole Luggage

kenneth cole reaction

Reaction – Though the design of the product is nothing extraordinary and you will find many similar suitcases, it is the make and material used to create the product which makes it our favorite. The product and the brand itself are reliable and come with a guarantee, so you know you are making a good purchase. Plus, it is available for a competitive price, so you get complete value for money.

The product is hand wash only and easy to clean as the exterior is a hard shell. The corners are molded so that it can resist any hard impact on the body. It is lightweight which means you can put more weight inside, and even though it is not expandable, it gives enough space for all your things. It also has side bezels that allow it to stand on its side. There are many pockets to help you organize your stiff better. Read more on the full Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage review

7. Skyway Luggage Review

The company is solely dedicated to making suitcases and carry-ons that a person may need while traveling. It is one of the best luggage brands on the market. You will find many different products that are priced at different levels. The company makes sure to produce products fit everyone’s needs.

Skyway is also known for the quality of its products, and this is reflected in the warranty it offers them. This is the major reason why many people prefer the brand over others.

Our Favorite Skyway Luggage

skyway mirrage luggage

Mirage – Forget colors and style for a bit and only focus on the design, and you will be sold on the product. It is one of the best products you can buy which will allow you to fit as much as you want and even fit in the overhead compartment. All this is thanks to it being lightweight and expandable with lots of pockets that you can keep your stuff in.

The product itself is quite appealing to look at. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it drool-worthy. You can easily operate the suitcase with a pull of a zipper which slides smoothly as well. There are handles on the top and side of the bag to make it easy for you to carry it the way that feels comfortable to you. It has a full-length mesh pocket as well where you can keep all your delicate stuff. 

The part worth mentioning about the luggage is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. You can replace it or have it fixed if you are not satisfied with the product. Read our full Skyway luggage review

8. Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review

The manufacturer is an expert in luggage and other types of bags. It has been in the industry for a very long time and is known to have a wide range of products. It also has high-quality stuff which is priced reasonably. The customer service is excellent, and you will find various branches of the brand all over the country.

Our Favorite Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage

ricardo luggage

Mar Vista – The bag is built for people who do not like to carry huge suitcases but need a lot of space to keep their stuff. It is an affordable piece of luggage that is highly durable, robust and meant to last for a long time.

There are various pockets inside and outside the bag that offer a better organization. The handle on top can be locked at various stages for your comfort. There are handles on top and the side as well which are padded to ensure your comfort. The suitcase is one of the best-imported products that you can buy which come with a rolling tote feature.

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