London Fog Luggage Review – 2018 Updated

London Fog is a leading outwear and accessories brand. What began in 1923 as a clothing company has since diversified its portfolio to include umbrellas, coats and luggage items as well. The thing that has remained consistent throughout the years is the company’s dedication to quality.

The various bags and luggage sets offered by London Fog are an example of its commitment to quality. While there are various bags on its portfolio, during our London Fog Luggage review, we found five bags to be extraordinary, presented below.

1. London Fog Luggage Chelsea 21-Inch Suiterlondon fog chelsea luggage

Normally, there is a trade-off between style and convenience. You are required to sacrifice your desire to carry a stylish bag if you wish to travel with a lot of luggage. However, London Fog Luggage Chelsea gives you both, thereby being a likely choice of the masses.

Main Features

The fact that this bag can be expanded and accommodate extra items when needed is quite a convenient feature. It also makes the product perfect for all kinds of purposes, whether it be a two-day business trip or a long vacation.

Most bags come with two handles at most, one being situated at the top, while the other on the side. However, this product takes it further up a notch by adding a third handle to the bag. This handle is present at the bottom and serves to make carrying the bag easier. Therefore, if your bag is too heavy to be lifted by one person, you can avail the help of another who could easily hold it via the bottom handle.


  • The product features the signature lining of London Fog which is marked by its high quality.
  • It includes a shoe and accessory pocket to make organizing your luggage a piece of cake.
  • A built-in suite accompanies the bag.
  • There are two additional front and rear pockets available that make a last-minute addition to the luggage hassle-free.
  • Its light side bound construction makes the bag quite easy to carry with a weight of only 6 pounds.
  • You can expand the product by 30% for additional capacity.
  • The dimensions are 23″ x 15″ x 10″.


We found that a chemical odor persisted when the bag initially arrived, but it soon vanished. Apart from this minor setback, this bag manages to be quite perfect.

2. London Fog Chelsea 17-Inch Computer Baglondon fog computer bag

A London Fog luggage review will be incomplete if we didn’t include bags that could fit in the overhead compartments. After all, smaller luggage bags are just as important to ensure a great trip, and this 17-inch bag is a great option for such a purpose.

Main Features

The best feature of this product is its various compartments. This makes organizing your luggage convenient and easy. The product is equipped with the main pocket which comes with a padded laptop sleeve, thereby making it ideal for carrying at most 15-inch laptops. If you are not carrying one, you can remove the padded sleeve to get more room. Similarly, the back area features tie-down straps, which make it an ideal space for carrying both clothes and shoes.

The bag is equipped with in-line skate wheels. These wheels make carrying the bag quite easy. You will feel as if the bag is gliding across the floor as it will make minimal sound. When you add this feature to the five-stage push handle, you are bound to find maneuvering the product an easy task.


  • The handle system features a hidden locking push button which allows the handle to be locked in three places.
  • Overall, there are three compartments, each of which is tailormade to perform a specific purpose like provide room for accessories and clothes.
  • The large zippers make opening and closing the bag an easy feat.
  • The product is 14 inches high and 17 inches wide.


We were not satisfied with the quality of the wheels. Once London Fog improves that, there will be nothing stopping the product from being the best London Fog luggage bag in town.

3. London Fog Kensington 25-Inch Expandable SpinnerLondon Fog Kensington spinner

Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective luggage bag? If so, you might find the Kensington 25-Inch Spinner to be the ideal choice for you.

Main Features

This product is equipped with a ten-year limited warranty. This makes the purchase cost-effective in the long run. This is because not only does it mean that the company will bear some of the brunts of future damages, but it also means that you can expect the bag to remain usable for at least a decade.

The durability of the product is ensured by the inclusion of aluminum channel tubes. These tubes along with the reinforced nature of the back panel add to the strength of the product, rendering it capable of carrying bulky items without the fear of damage. The zippers included in the bag are self-repairing in nature, which means you will not have to deal with broken zippers.


  • The honeycomb structure of the product makes it lightweight yet strong.
  • The bag is equipped with multi-directional wheels.
  • Shoe pockets along with a meshed pocket are present in the inside of the bag.
  • Corner guards have been added for extra protection.
  • The bag can expand an extra 2 inches for added packing capacity.
  • The exterior dimensions are 25″ x 17″ x 11″.


The wheels of the product were quite rigid and made maneuvering the bag around quite a chore, but when it comes to aesthetics and space, few can compete with this bag.

4. London Fog Cambridge 25-Inch Expandablelondon fog 25 inch luggage

What if we told you that you could be provided with a bag which is both classic and stylish? This is the combination that this London Fog bag has succeeded in achieving. Whether it be vacations or a business trip, this bag will prove to be a great companion for it all.

Main Features

It is hard enough to carry a copious amount of luggage when going on a trip, but if your bag adds to the weight, then carrying it around becomes more of a hassle. While how much you decide to fill your bag is your choice, this bag does take care of the latter issue. The product is fused with EVA foam and has been made from hound’s tooth. This allows the bag to be both lightweight and strong.

The company understands that carrying luggage on a busy airport can be quite a difficult task. This bag plays its part in making sure that this task becomes as easy as possible. This feature is achieved via the inclusion of an 8-wheel system. The wheels of the bag can move in all 360-degree angles, thereby allowing for ease of maneuverability.


  • The honeycomb structure of the bag provides it with the much-needed strength.
  • A removable accessory bag accompanies the product.
  • The bag includes two storage pockets that have full zips.
  • The tie-down straps are adjustable.
  • Shoe pockets are available on the inside of the bag.
  • The dimensions are 25″ x 17″ x 11″.


Apart from the fact that the bag gets dirty quite easily, this London Fog bag is equipped with it all. Whether it be space or style, it does not disappoint in any aspect.

5. London Fog Coventry 21-inch Expandable Uprightlondon fog coventry

London Fog is known for its sophisticated yet practical bags, and its Coventry UL Collection bag is an example of this combination. Many have lauded its stylish exterior.

Main Features

The unique feature of this product is the extent to which it is lightweight. Among all the other products mentioned, we were surprised to find this product to be as lightweight as it was. This feature ensures that the bag is easy to carry for long trips.

Moreover, the bag is equipped with additional pockets which make organizing your luggage an easy task. Whether it be last-minute essentials or ensuring that you make most of the given space, the various compartments and pockets help you do it all. This is achieved via the inclusion of mesh, shoe and external pockets.


  • The bag can expand two inches for you to add extra essentials.
  • It is equipped with a 360-degree spinner wheel.
  • It can fit in overhead compartments of most airlines.
  • The honeycomb structure along with the EVA padded foams make the bag strong and light.
  • It uses a heavy-duty poly-ballistic material in its construction.
  • The dimensions are 9 x 21 x 14 inches, and the weight is five pounds.


While the bag is quite durable and spacious, we found that it did not stand upright due to poor distribution of weight. This design flaw can be a hassle to deal with for some people. If you want to see the best luggage sets – click here.

Wrapping up our London Fog luggage review

London Fog bags are known for their quality and style. While most London Fog Luggage reviews are positive, none of them come close to the favorable response received by the five items mentioned above.

It is hard to choose which product among them is the best. Since there is no universal best bag for everyone, the product that is best for you will depend on the desired features of your ideal bag.

We found London Fog Cambridge 25-Inch Expandable to be the best option from the lot. This is because it is ideal for both vacations and business trips, and this versatility of usage means you can get the most out of the bag.

You are free to choose whichever bag you like. Rest assured that you will be satisfied regardless of which luggage bag you select. Buy London Fog, and combine style with practicality. You may also like review of Nautica luggage and Nicole Miller luggage review