Nautica Luggage Review

Unless you are living under a rock, the chances are that you are familiar with Nautica. What began as a clothing brand in 1983 is now considered to be one of the most popular American brands of our time. With over 3000 shop-in-shops and availability in 75 countries, Nautica has become a global brand.

While you may have heard of the brand with respect to men, women and children clothing, Nautica is also known for delivering quality luggage bags. Its commitment to authenticity, performance, and style is reflected in these accessories just as well as in other items.

There are an array of Nautica bags that are worthy of discussion. However, we will be limiting our Nautica luggage review to five of the best bags available in the market.

1. Nautica 28-Inch Hardside Luggage

nautica 28 inch luggage

With the help of this bag, you can bid all your luggage-related inconveniences goodbye. The Nautica luggage reviews of this product have been overwhelmingly favorable owing to this bag’s ability to deliver it all.

Main Features

One of the biggest concerns regarding luggage when traveling is whether or not all your items will be intact by the time you get to your destination. It is a fact that suitcases are not handled with care in airports or buses. However, you can get rid of such concerns because the exterior of this suitcase is manufactured in a way to absorb shocks. Hence, you can rest assured that all of your possessions will survive the trip unscathed.

Moreover, the bag is equipped with a 4-wheel spinner system. This makes taking the suitcase from one place to another a piece of cake. The wheels included are of premium quality and roll easily. This allows for enhanced maneuverability. Such a feature is a source of convenience for users, especially if they are accompanied by more than one bag.


  • A telescoping handle is embedded in the product which features a push button that can be self-locked.
  • The interior of the bag is lined fully.
  • The bag has two mesh pockets on the internal side along with a valet strap for secure placement of your garments.
  • The dimensions of the product are 28″ x 20″ x 12″.
  • The bag weighs 10 pounds.
  • It is equipped with a five-year warranty.
  • The molded ABS shell exhibited on the outside makes the bag scratchproof.


We found the light weight of the product to be a major selling point since it ensured that users were not forced to carry around the extra weight of the suitcase along with that of their possessions. The stylish exterior and the spacious interior were enough to garner this bag a spot in our Nautica luggage review.

2. Nautica Ahoy 3-Piece Hardside Set

nautica ahoy luggage set

Are you tired of perusing the market for different sized bags as required by different occasions? Would you rather have a luggage set that provides it all to you? If so, you might find Nautica Luggage Ahoy to be a worthy choice.

Main Features

We find it quite a hassle to look for differently sized bags. This is because you can never be sure of the quality of different brands. It is much more convenient to buy a set of the same range because you can expect consistency in its performance. Such a set is provided by the package which features three Ahoy bags. These suitcases are the same as mentioned in the above product but with an added advantage of buying in sets.

When you go on a family vacation, keeping track of bags which are of the same color is much easier than remembering the various styles of different items. However, at the same time, people tend to wish for more color options. This is what this luggage set provides. It is available in five different combinations, each of which is aesthetically pleasing.


  • The sizes included are 28, 25 and 21 inches.
  • The valet straps can be adjusted to ensure that your possessions are secured regardless of how much you fill the suitcase.
  • The wheel-spinner system allows for 360-degree maneuverability.
  • The exterior of the product features glossy abs.


We believe that the quality of the wheels can be further improved to reduce the friction that currently persists between them. Apart from this flaw, this package is quite perfect and has garnered positive Nautica luggage reviews. Another great set is the Nicole Miller Taylor set

3. Nautica 4-Piece Softside Luggage Set

nautica softside luggage set

Not everyone likes flashy products. Those of you who prefer simplicity when it comes to aesthetics will find this Softside Luggage Set to be a worthy addition.

Main Features

Apart from being stylish, this product is equipped with in-line skate wheels as well as metal ball bearings. Both of these components play an integral role in ensuring ease of transportability of the three suitcases included in the luggage set. Similarly, the duffel bag comes with a carrying handle that is comfortable to grip for long periods.

All of us have lived through the nightmare of not being able to zip our suitcases after packing everything we deem essential. This is usually followed by either forcefully shutting the suitcase up with much effort or sacrificing a few items here and there. The suitcases of this luggage set are constructed in a way that you won’t be required to do either of the two acts. This is because all of the bags can be expanded to accommodate additional items.


  • The product uses 1200D durable polyester to guarantee the quality of the bag.
  • The inner parts of the items are fully lined.
  • The valet straps are adjustable, while the pockets feature zips for secure placement of your essentials.
  • Each suitcase features two pockets on the outside.


While the luggage is excellent at what it does, we do feel the absence of a four-wheel spinner system. The two back wheels and ball bearings are unable to provide the same level of comfort. 

4. Nautica Seaford 25-Inch Expandable Suitcase

nautica bag

This luggage item stands out from the crowd owing to its distinctive design when compared to other Nautica luggage ranges. Therefore, if you want to get a bag that is different from the traditional Nautica designs, you will be satisfied with this product.

Main Features

Most suitcases are equipped with either side or top handles. A bag as big as this one normally comes with only the top handle. However, this can be a source of inconvenience for many. After all, there are times when you are required to lift the bag, and using the top handle just doesn’t feel right. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable with this luggage set since it comes with both side and top handles.

Additionally, individuals who prefer organizing their luggage for easy access to different things will be happy to know that this bag comes with dual pockets as well as a zipped mesh. Hence, rather than piling all your possessions in one compartment, you can divide them and take out whatever you want without creating a mess.


  • The fabric used in this product is high-density polyester.
  • The trolley handle features a push-button.
  • The interior of the bag is lined to guarantee the safety of your garments.
  • The valet straps can be adjusted as per the volume of the items in the bag.
  • There are three color options available.


This bag is affordable yet equipped with all the needed functions. Whether it be aesthetics or convenience, Nautica’s ability to provide it all with this luggage piece has left many impressed. If you are interested in a single suitcase you can check Tommy Bahama Mojito review.

5. Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4-Piece Luggage Set

nautica helmsman luggage set

This luggage set is the perfect package for most family vacations. This is because it has all the right sizes along with an array of features.

Main Features

When you plan on taking a lot of stuff with you when going on a trip, the heavy weight of some suitcases is a source of annoyance and inconvenience for many. However, this luggage set is an exception to this rule. This is because the manufacturers of the set have made each of the three suitcases and the duffle bag to be immensely light in weight. Not only is this feature convenient, but it also makes transportability easier when compared to that of heavy bags.

Moreover, the handle housing and the raised wheel embedded in the suitcases protect them from wear and tear. This enhances the durability of the product which is already ensured by the inclusion of high-density polyester.


  • The suitcases included can be expanded.
  • The handles are telescopic in nature to allow for ease of maneuverability.
  • The interior of the product is equipped with various compartments.
  • An add-a-bag strap accompanies the suitcases.
  • The three suitcases have a size of 28, 25 and 21 inches.


We found the price of this product to be quite low when you consider the features offered. The inclusion of a number of zippers and compartments makes it great for organizing your luggage. You can also check the best rated luggage sets.

Wrapping up our Nautica Luggage Review

One common factor in all these Nautica luggage reviews is that each item has succeeded in delivering more benefits than their cost. This has made all of the mentioned items worth the money spent.

Among these products, we found the Nautica Seaford 25-Inch Rolling Expandable Suitcase to be the best. This is because this bag has been able to uphold the legacy of Nautica while having a unique identity of its own. Its quality and style are all exemplary.

Regardless of which luggage piece you opt for, Nautica will leave you satisfied. Click here to check full list of the best luggage brands.