Skyway Luggage Review – The Best Offers in 2018

Skyway Luggage has come a long way since its inception in 1910. However, one thing that has remained constant after all this time is its dedication to brand, culture and constant improvement.

Skyway aims to build a community for those who love adventure and traveling. When you look at its various products, it is safe to conclude that the company has been able to achieve this mission flawlessly.

Most Skyway luggage bags have succeeded in leaving a mark in the luggage industry. We are here to provide you with the best of the best and have reviewed five products which we believe are worth every penny spent.

1. Skyway Mirage Superlight LuggageSkyway Mirage luggage

All of us want our luggage bags to be reliable. No one wants to worry about the durability of their bags when they are on a trip. This Mirage Expandable bag provides users with both sturdiness and style.

Main Features

Are you tired of investing in bags which get ripped and damaged sooner or later? During our Skyway Luggage review, we found that the chances of such an occurrence happening in this product are quite slim. This is because this bag is equipped with a rip-stop nylon body. The inclusion of this material aids in making the exterior resistant from tears and abrasions, thereby ensuring durability.

The pull handle features multiple stages where it can be locked. This makes the bag usable for both short and tall people. It also provides autonomy to the customers to set the handle at a height they are most comfortable with. Comfort is also guaranteed by the addition of the four-wheel system, and the wheels have the power to spin at a 360-degree angle, hence providing users with the mobility and maneuverability they require.


  • The bag is available in two colors, namely black and blue.
  • It is expandable in nature as pulling the zip leads to additional 2.5 inches of space.
  • An add-a-bag strap is included in the bag which is adjustable and aids in attaching a second bag to your luggage.
  • On the exterior, expandable zip pockets are available for last-minute packing.
  • The interior of the bag contains a mesh and shoe pocket.
  • The dimensions of the luggage bag are 31 inches tall x 19 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep.


A bottom handle would have made this product even better since currently loading it onto planes or compartments of a train can be a hassle. Apart from this flaw, the bag manages to deliver quality and convenience to users and is an excellent choice.

2. Skyway Luggage Epic 21-Inch Carry-onSkyway Luggage Epic 21 Inch

Are you on the lookout for budget-friendly options? For those of you who wish to save money yet be provided with a premium quality bag, you might find the Skyway Luggage Epic 21 to be a satisfactory choice.

Main Features

Anyone who has carried their luggage over long distances would agree how frustrating and painful it can be. This may occur when the handle of your bag is too rigid and uncomfortable to hold. Skyway Luggage makes sure this incident never occurs. It does so by delivering a padded carry handle on top of the bag. This means that regardless of how long you are required to carry the product, your hands will not get sore.

Additionally, rather than fumbling with more than one bag, you can attach your second bag to this luggage piece and have a free hand at all times. This feature also aids in making the transport of the bags from one place to another a lot easier. In summary, you can rest assured that Skyway will make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.


  • The pull handles are retractable and can be locked at multiple heights.
  • The bag is equipped with a tie-down strap that can be altered to make sure your clothes stay in place throughout the journey.
  • The product can expand by 2 inches for additional packing capacity.
  • A full-length zippered mesh is included on the inside of the bag.
  • The zippers are made to be oversized to allow for ease of opening and closing the luggage.
  • The dimensions are 7 x 21 x 14 inches.


The only problem we found with the product during our Skyway Luggage review was the lack of spinner wheels. However, when you consider the low price of the luggage, it is easy to forgo such drawbacks.

If you want to buy a set, check our article on the 10 best luggage sets.

3. Skyway Nimbus 2.0 20-Inch Expandable Carry-On

skyway nimbus luggage

Sturdiness, style, and responsiveness – Skyway Nimbus has it all. This might be the reason why this bag is popular among the masses.

Main Features

One of the first things that we noticed about this product was its hard polymer shell with a matte finish. This shell plays a vital role in both providing sophistication to the bag and guaranteeing its durability. This is because the hard side polymer shell is better equipped in dealing with harsh treatment compared to soft exteriors.

Moreover, the bag comes with 360-degree spinner wheels that glide smoothly across an array of surfaces. This means that you can expect the handling of the product to be highly responsive, hence yielding enhanced mobility. While carrying the product, you will experience comfort since both the top and side handles are accompanied by gel grip.


  • The inside of the bag comes with lining along with a variety of pockets to ease the task of organizing your possessions.
  • The push handle of the bag is retractable.
  • You can expand the bag for extra 2 inches.
  • The bag opens in a split-book style, which provides users with two compartments for effective packing.
  • A five-year limited warranty accompanies the bag.
  • The dimensions are 8.5 x 14 x 19.5 inches.


We believe that the quality of the handle can be improved since it has a tendency to get stuck at times. However, when it comes to the durability and capacity of the bag itself, there are only a few products in the market that can compete with it.

4. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 

Skyway Mirage luggage

For those of you looking for a smaller bag for short business trips, you might find Skyway Luggage Mirage’s 24-inch luggage piece to be an ideal solution to your luggage related problems. Read on the see our full Skyway mirage luggage review.

Main Features

Everyone wishes to minimize the weight of their luggage as much as they can. What many fail to realize is that the weight of the bag itself also adds to that of your possessions. Hence, if you opt for a heavy bag to begin with, naturally, you will end up pulling quite the load around.

Skyway Luggage has taken various steps to reduce the weight of the bag. This is ensured by the inclusion of lightweight components in the construction of the product. These elements have helped in making the bag lightweight.

Furthermore, if you are worried wondering if a 24-inch bag could carry all your possessions, you can rest easy knowing that it can. We say this with confidence since the bag is expandable and can cater to additional packing needs as well.


  • Available color options include Black and Midnight Green.
  • It is made from polyester.
  • A four-wheel system accompanies the bag.
  • It has expandable zip pockets on the outside and mesh and shoe pockets on the inside.
  • The dimensions are 25.5 inches tall x 16.2 inches wide x 10 inches deep.


The bag has trouble standing upright when filled to the brim, so only if you are planning to pack lightly, you will be completely satisfied with this product.

5. Skyway Nimbus 2.0 24-Inch Expandable Upright

skyway nimbus

Luggage can undergo quite a harsh treatment on airports, so the bag that you choose should be one which has the power to absorb this impact without getting damaged. This Nimbus 24-inch luggage has been successful in doing so.

Main Features

This bag is equipped with a high impact polymer in its exterior. This quality polymer ensures that regardless of the extent of impact the bag goes through, none of it is relayed to the inside components of the product. This makes sure that the bag is durable and usable in the long run.

Individuals who love organizing their bags rather than merely dumping it all in one big compartment will like the various pockets and divisions present in the bag. Not only does the bag come with a large mesh pocket for the placement of undergarments, but rather than containing one compartment, it has two in split-book style.


  • All carry handles come with soft gel grip.
  • The handle system has various locking stages for adjusting the height as per your need.
  • The dimensions are 9.5 x 17 x 24 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 11 pounds.


With quality wheels, adequate space and robustness, this Skyway Luggage comes with all the right features and is lauded by the masses.

Concluding our Skyway Luggage Review

All Skyway Luggage bags are excellent, but none have come close to being as holistic as the five products mentioned.

Among these products, we found the Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4-Wheel Expandable Upright to be the best. This is because while most of the other bags have minor flaws in them, this bag delivers everything to perfection.

Choose your favorite Skyway Luggage bag as per your needs. There is no universal answer to the question of which bag is the best. It all boils down to your preference. What matters is that you need to get yourself a Skyway Luggage bag. Enjoy your adventure, and let Skyway take care of all your luggage-related worries. You can also check our homepage for more reviews. Another great luggage brands are Nautica and London Fog.